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Walk 'n' Train Membership

Now Accepting Founding Members!

Applications are currently open for the Walk 'n' Train Membership!  We are looking for one more founding members to join and receive discounted walks for up to three months. 

What is the Walk 'n' Train Membership?

The Walk 'n' Train Membership is a unique local service that makes the most of daily dog walks while you work, turning them into frequent training opportunities with your certified professional dog trainer at an affordable price.

A cattle dog's mouth hangs open happily while she sits nicely in front of a patch of sunflowers

Daily Walks

30 minute walks three to five days a week alone with Mr. Fuzzles, applying positive reinforcement training principles to help you meet and maintain behavioral goals. Get an emailed report card after each walk with the route taken, any fun photos/videos, and notes - like with any walk app!

A French Bulldog perches in a Sit atop a bear statue's head with a tall building in the background

Lesson Credits

Each renewal, receive two credits for  hour-long private in-home consultations with James Aguero, CCDT, CPDT-KA. Schedule at your convenience to learn how to incorporate new skills, reassess the training plan, update homework goals, and grow closer to your pup! Option to purchase additional lessons at a discounted rate if needed.

A dog lies on his side in the grass and looks into the camera

Virtual Support

Weekly educational resources around concepts members are working on. Call, text, or email during regularly scheduled office hours for any questions between lessons. 

Who is this membership for?

If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, this membership is for you!


Do you live in one of the following buildings?

The Confluence, The Station, Glass House, AMLI RIverfront Green, The Manhattan, AMLI Riverfront Park, Waterside Lofts, Griffis LoDo, The Platform, Cadence, Sentral, The Coloradan, Alara, and The Pullman. 

Daily Walks

Do you currently or plan to hire a dog walker for your pup 3-5 times a week? Are you looking for someone you can trust to enter your home and handle your dog? 

Training Goals

Do you have training goals or want to adjust your dog's behavior, but aren't sure how to get there? Extra points if you've got a younger pup or need help with leash behaviors. 

Why Join Walk 'n' Train?

You Want A Handler You Can Trust

That Does The Most For You, And Your Dog

Not only will your dog's walks be safe and fulfilling, they will help you move closer to your training goals! Walks provide plenty of real-life distractions and potentially problematic situations that can turn into learning opportunities - given proper pacing and knowhow. Your dog will come home more tired than ever after romping and sniffing all over the park while also getting worked out mentally!

With years of experience living and working with a wide variety of dogs in this neighborhood, you can rest easy knowing that Fuzzles Dog Training is prepared for seasonal considerations, local safety concerns, and route adjustment on the spot if needed. Your dog's needs and preferences will always be considered when determining how and where to spend time.

You Won't Find This Kind of Support Anywhere Else!

This membership pulls from all of my experience and education to provide focused, attentive support for a small number of neighbors at a time. I was a full-time dog walker in this area for years before diving into behavioral sciences, which may be why training primarily through consultations leaves me missing the bonding and face time that dog walks provide. The structure and communication that come with weekly walks are where I feel most familiar providing guidance and education to paw-rents around their dog's behavior.

  • Young pups! Capitalize on early life developmental periods!

  • Dogs that need to learn or maintain safe and regulated leash behaviors.

  • Emotional dogs that display fearful or reactive behaviors on walks and need appropriate space management.

  • Those with an interest in learning more about how their dog learns and sees the world.

  • Dogs with severe separation anxiety left home alone, or humans looking to treat their dog for SA with this membership

  • Dogs that display aggressive behavior towards strangers or males in the home.

  • Humans with a firm belief that positive punishment and aversive tools (such as prong or shock collars) should be incorporated into their dog's training protocol. 


The Walk 'n' Train Membership provides exceptional value by offering discounts on both walks and training sessions. What sets it apart is the unique approach that combines the benefits of daily walks with personalized training from a certified dog trainer. We prioritize positive, force-free methods to promote the physical and mental well-being of your furry friend. 


Walks are priced for founding members at $30 per half hour. If this was part of a normal day training package, the cost would be double! No tips expected. Walks begin once the harness is already on and we're out the door, not when I walk into the building or unit. The cost of walks for four weeks comes out to:

  • $360 for 12 walks, or 3 walks/week

  • $480 for 16 walks, or 4 walks/week

  • $600 for 20 walks, or 5 walks/week



WAG and Rover's quick-walks cost $20 plus tip per 30 minute walk with a contractor with a variable reliability. Rover's local highly rated walkers and other dog walking businesses charge $25 plus tip per half hour walk, and do not train. Over four weeks, using an estimate of $25/walk, the cost comes out to:

  • $300 for 12 walks, or 3 walks/week

  • $400 for 16 walks, or 4 walks/week

  • $500 for 20 walks, or 5 walks/week


Membership Pricing

Memberships are billed in four-week increments and can be canceled for the following billing cycle at any time. All options include two credits for 60-minute in-home private consultations, access to office hours, regular educational material, as well as the walks associated with the option purchased.

Founding Member Special: Save $5/walk on your first three billing cycles!  



  • 3 Walks per Week (30 min)

  • 2x Private Training Session per Renewal (60 min)

  • Weekly Education Resources

  • Priority Virtual Support





  • 4 Walks per Week (30 min)

  • 2x Private Training Sessions per Renewal (60 min) 

  • Weekly Education Resources

  • Priority Virtual Support





  • 5 Walks per Week (30 min)

  • 2x Private Training Sessions per Renewal (60 min)

  • Weekly Education Resources

  • Priority Virtual Support



Billed in four-week increments. Regular rates apply after the first four billing cycles. 

  • I live in a building right next to all these other buildings, why can't I join?
    If you live in a condo building along Little Raven or Cherry Creek near Confluence, feel free to reach out and ask! The buildings included are where I have the most experience, but I'm certainly open to these buildings as well. If you live near these buildings and your apartment isn't listed, it's likely that you are across a major road or landmark. Union Station, 20th Street, and the Platte River create additional barriers that would add stress and time to my commute, which would raise prices.
  • What if I'm already working with another trainer?
    It's important to talk with your trainer before purchasing a membership to be sure it works with your current training plan. Walks will never include aversive tools or techniques, so traditional or balanced trainers are not a good fit with this membership. I will be reaching out to your trainer to see what the training plan and ongoing priorities are, and will work with them to determine how lesson credits would best be used. This may include activities such as handling a therapy dog during reactivity training, working through in-home desensitization, or being a high-value distraction. There is no option to purchase a membership without lesson credits.
  • How does scheduling walks work?
    Walk credits that are purchased with membership renewal expire after 45 days. Each credit is valid for a 30-minute walk, to be scheduled for M-F 9:30 AM - 3 PM, or Sat/Sun 10 AM - 3 PM. Credits are reserved for the upcoming week on Sunday according to a schedule that we discuss during signup, so it's preferred that any foreseen changes are communicated by then. Schedules may be changed at any time, assuming availability. If a walk is cancelled before 9AM on the same day, your credit remains unused and can be rescheduled for another day. Walks cancelled after 9AM on the same day will forfeit the reserved credit. Memberships may be paused for up to two weeks, delaying the renewal date as well as credit expiration dates by the same amount.
  • What/when are office hours?
    A minimum of four office hours will be scheduled and communicated weekly along with educational materials. Office hours are set aside just for members to call, text, or email with any questions or concerns about their dog's behavior. If I'm on a call with a member when you reach out, be sure you'll hear back from me soon!
  • What if I have two dogs?
    If one or multiple of your dogs displays heightened stress behaviors (extensive barking, howling, scratching at the door, escaping) that do not stop a minute or two after their sibling leaves, this membership is not a good fit for your household. It is not recommended to sacrifice one dog's well-being to train another. Membership walk credits are valid for a half-hour walk with a single dog at a time to allow for ample focus towards the environment and training goals. Multiple-dog households can purchase a membership for a single dog, multiple dogs, or use one membership's walk credits on multiple dogs, keeping in mind this reduces how many walks per week credits will be available for. Lesson credits cover households and can be used to work with any human or dog that spends a lot of time in your household. Dogs from other households will only be trained for situations that happen on your property.
  • Why are dogs with separation anxiety not a good fit for the membership?
    Separation anxiety is treated very differently than many other issues, done in short bursts by the dog's human over time. This is one situation where private coaching is inherently far more effective than with a day training format. Separation anxiety treatment always begins by confirming and securing a promise from the human that the dog will not be left alone longer than they can handle; I will not work with a case that will require me to frequently leave the dog in a highly stressed state of mind.

Apply to Join Today!

Does this membership sound right for you? Fill out this form to get in touch about signing up for the Walk 'n' Train Membership!

Whether there is a current opening or you're looking to join the waitlist, look out for a response from us soon!

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch soon.

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