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Fuzzles Dog
Training Policies

Geographic Area

Rates on services page apply to the standard geographic territory map below. Clients that want to work with Fuzzles Dog Training outside of this area will be charged an additional travel fee.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.25.03 PM.png

Cancellations & Rescheduling

Lessons may be rescheduled at any time up to 24 hours prior to a scheduled appointment, no questions asked. Rescheduling a lesson within 24 hours of the appointment time will result in a charge equal to 50% of the lesson cost. No-shows, when a client is not present within 15 minutes of the appointment start time with no prior notice, will be charged the full booking price.


Fuzzles Dog Training does not provide refunds for any services, with the exception of unexpected serious life or medical events that incapacitate the client or cause them to be out of town for an extended period. Otherwise, lessons may be rescheduled at any time with the Cancellation Policy in mind.

Lesson Package Expirations

Lesson packages will expire four (4) months after the date of purchase. Training is a cumulative process that relies on gradually building skills over time, so gaps in making efforts to progress can result in severe setbacks or the development of new, undesirable behaviors. This policy is meant to act as motivation for pawrents to continue working with their dogs at a functional pace while providing ample opportunity to schedule lessons before expiration. 

Management & Homework

Fuzzles Dog Training collaborates with clients to develop behavior management strategies that both address their needs and work with their lifestyle. These strategies are put into place to prevent the dog from practicing and being rewarded for undesirable behaviors that the client has hired Fuzzles Dog Training to prevent or modify, and thus clients are expected to regularly utilize strategies agreed upon such as gates, long leashes, enrichment, and so forth. Management strategies may be re-examined and modified at each session if they are found to be impractical in the client's home or life, but consistently allowing the continued practice of undesirable behaviors in a way that significantly hinders the training plan may result in the inability to continue working with Fuzzles Dog Training. 

Clients are also expected to practice provided homework with their dog between lessons, with the exception of between the initial assessment and first session. Each lesson builds from a benchmark assuming that the dog is practicing and strengthening their skills between sessions. Homework is catered to the pawrent's available time to train and lifestyle, per the information provided by the client, and we will collaborate at the end of each session to make sure the homework is manageable and achievable. If you are unable to practice as planned for any reason before your next booked lesson, please reschedule at any time prior to the 24-hour window leading up to the appointment with no penalty, no questions asked. 

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