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Positive Training for Urban Dogs and Humans in Denver, CO

Develop A Bond That Lasts


Fuzzles Dog Training sees your dog as a non-human member of the family, and our methods reflect that. We use science-based techniques developed by animal behaviorists and honed specifically for pet dogs living in a human world.


Create and strengthen your unspoken bond by setting boundaries and showing leadership that is understanding of your dog's needs. Learn how to communicate with your companion and gain a valuable toolbox to temper your shared bond for the rest of your lives!

Fuzzles Dog Training offers a variety of formats to fit your needs! Training can be done via private in-home sessions or in a public space through private one-on-one consultations with the pawrent or day-training directly with the dog in certain situations.


We are able to work with everything from basic skills training to reactivity and resource guarding. Together, we can achieve your training goals to live a better life with your furever friend.

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R+ Evidence-Based Training
Specializing in Downtown Denver
In-Home Sessions
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Work Hard, Play Hard

James Aguero


My name is James, but I also go by Fuzzles! I've worked with dogs and their humans full time in downtown Denver and the surrounding areas since 2017, first by dog walking and boarding, then beginning to train formally in 2020.  


I grew up with dogs in the suburbs of Houston and understand that living with a dog downtown is very different by comparison, whether that's the size of available indoor space, amount of activity as soon as you're outside, or frequency of loud noises at all hours.


My goal is to help dogs and humans thrive in their shared space and lifestyle, ensuring everybody get what they need from the relationship. I know a lot of us are busy and active, so I work with clients to make realistic and progressive steps to success!