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Live Your Best Life, Together

Positive Training for Urban Dogs and Humans in Denver, CO

Develop A Bond That Lasts

A golden retriever holds her leash in her mouth while balancing three treats on her nose.

Fuzzles Dog Training takes a holistic approach to working with dogs which recognizes that they are living creatures with a wide variety of factors impacting behavior, including some that the dog cannot directly control. Training is designed to promote safe, effective, and engaging interaction between you and your dog.

Busy spaces can be tough for our furry friends, so we make sure that you also get the necessary skills to help your dog to succeed in everyday situations. It's much easier to notice something coming and prepare for it than to deal with it as it happens! This makes what your dog knows go so much further.

  • Private Training

  • Puppy Training

  • Advanced Skills Training

  • Loose Leash Training

  • Pattern Games

A Bernese Mountain Dog in a seated position raises her front left paw as though waving hello!
  • Destructive Behaviors/Chewing

  • Early Reactivity/Aggression

  • Barking, Howling, Whining

  • Conversational Training

Fuzzles Dog Training works with all breeds and ages. Let us help you with:

Work Hard, Play Hard

James Aguero


My name is James, but I also go by Fuzzles! I've worked with dogs and their humans full time in downtown Denver and the surrounding areas since 2017, first by dog walking and boarding, then beginning to train formally in 2020.  


I grew up with dogs in the suburbs of Houston and understand that living with a dog downtown is very different by comparison, whether that's the size of available indoor space, amount of activity as soon as you're outside, or frequency of loud noises at all hours.


My goal is to help humans understand their furry companions and give them the tools to succeed in the city. We have learned a lot about dogs in recent decades, yet old myths and misinformation are all over social media. I hope that sharing accurate information with more people will help to improve the lives and welfare of our best friends.

A smiling bearded man holds his hand up by his chin with a Miniature Yorkie nestled between his wrist and shoulder in front of Denver's skyline

Current Client Portal

Fuzzles Dog Training uses a scheduling software that is external to this website. Any scheduling for assessments or consultations will be done through BusyPaws, so please be aware that another window will open. Current clients that have had an assessment can use the link below to log into their client portal to see lesson history, scheduled lessons, invoices, credits, edit their information, or schedule a lesson.

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