Denver Dog Training Services

Fuzzles Dog Training provides positive reinforcement-focused in-home or outdoor dog training in downtown Denver for a wide variety of needs, from bringing a new puppy home to reducing reactivity and dealing with separation anxiety.


We work with all breeds and ages!


Step One: Assessment

A first meeting focused on gathering information about the current situation, related factors, potential safety risks, and goals. Some issues, particularly those that can be solved with management or further understanding of the behavior, may be addressed in one assessment. If skills training is required, the information gathered will be used to create a personalized training plan for your situation.

Assessments may be done virtually using Zoom or FaceTime. Please be able to move with the camera to give a tour of the home, as this is critical for developing management solutions. These are ideal if the dog has behaviors that wouldn't happen with someone new in the home or is reactive to humans. 

Either assessment is able to be rolled into a welcome package afterwards, providing 2 additional lessons at a discount.

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Initial Assessment

A 90-minute assessment for those who are new to training, want to strengthen known skills, or are looking to solve some minor behavior issues. The session is focused on learning the dog's favorite motivators and how to work with them, as well as the pawrent's goals and lifestyle they'd like to share with the dog.. Not only will training will usually begin during the assessment, we'll also find ways to work it into how you interact with your dog naturally.


Regular - $150

Virtual - $120

Behavioral Assessment

A 120 minute assessment for behaviors that are distressing or emotional in nature such as reactivity, separation anxiety, resource guarding, excessive barking, property destruction, etc. The session is focused on gathering as much relevant information as possible and establishing goals before diagnosing behaviors and creating a treatment plan. We prioritize establishing management solutions to reduce incidents ASAP and find ways to ease life as much as possible for both the human and the dog. 

Regular - $200

Virtual - $160


Step Two: Training

Information from the assessment is used to create a training plan tailored to your dog, home, lifestyle, and situation to be sure our time together is efficient and effective. All training is done in-home or in a public space to allow the dog to remain confident while being challenged. After each lesson with me, pawrents will receive a follow-up document reviewing what was covered and any relevant reference material necessary. 

Training has a base rate of $120/hour, with discounts available for nearby neighbors and with lesson packages. Please review our Policies page if you have any questions about expectations, cancellations, or refunds.


Private Lessons

Hour long sessions learning directly from a certified professional dog trainer. Provide feedback on what's working or not working to adjust your personalized training plan accordingly and practice teaching new skills or strengthen known skills. Watch a demonstration on how it's done, then try it yourself with coaching! Homework is provided so you can continue working with your dog with confidence between lessons. Schedule sessions at your own pace once you've hit your benchmark!

Private Lesson - $120

A certified professional dog trainer comes to your home to work one-on-one with your dog! 3-4 shorter in-home visits during the week, and a biweekly hour-long transfer session with the pawrent(s) to relay progress and teach important concepts and skills. Best for more resilient older dogs and more frustrating behaviors like demand barking, extreme pulling, easily distracted dogs, etc.  Includes daily progress reports and appropriate homework during transfer sessions.

Day Training - $120

Day Training


Step Three: Maintenance

Congratulations on successfully making it through the training plan and achieving your goals! Now that you understand your dog's behavior, have taught them necessary skills, and can implement them when needed, you can live your best lives together! However, as our lives and schedules change, new behaviors may pop up seemingly without cause. Fuzzles Dog Training offers continued support for clients who have completed their training plan through discounted monthly or bi-monthly sessions meant to address any concerns that may arise.